More Dash Craziness

No seriously, my dash is perfect.

I'm a hoot!
The other day my sister and I were on the intranet when we came across a tumblr post that showed who would play the avengers if the avengers were the opposite gender. I was reading off the characters the actresses would play and my sister was only slightly paying attention. Here's how the conversation went:
Me: And look, that one will be Captain 'Murika, and that one's Hulk...and oooo look! Loki.
Sister: How about that one?
Me: Yeah, that one' know... 'pew pew'! *making bow and arrow motions*
Sister: *Just looks at me for a moment.* 'Pew Pew'?
Me: Yeah you know, the guy with the arrows.
Sister: You mean Hawk-eye?
Me: Yeah...'Hot Guy'!
That's when my sister lost it and we had a good night. Seriously guys, she's my best friend and brings the best comedy out of me.
My Dash Cracks Me Up

I see the resemblance.

Dang Barbie….You Scarey!

This was what popped into my head instantly after I read that sentence in the post…I also had a hard time sleeping that night.